Hi !

I'm Aurélien, a software engineer currently working at Worldline. I graduated in 2014 from INSA Lyon (France) in the computer science field.

I blog, mostly about technical stuff. You can also have a look at my projects page to learn more about what I do.

Feel free to contact me !


You can find some of the projects I'v participated to below. Some of them are from school while others are more personal.

Note : This section is currently hosted on github but I plan to add it on this site very soon, so don't hesitate to come back !

Projects (GitHub)

More about me

I've learnt a lot of things during my formation at INSA , my past working experiences and my personal experiments : software engineering, networking, project and quality management, system administration, security...

I really enjoy to be part of a team and work on challenging, interesting projects.

Have a look at my CV page for a detailed list of what I can do.

Curriculum Vitae