Aurélien Rouby

Senior software engineer based in Lyon · France

I am customer focused and take pride in delivering high quality, maintainable assets. I am always trying to be pragmatic and keep things as simple as possible.


Software engineer @ Worldline

During my 10 years at Worldline, I worked mainly for international corporate clients in the banking ecosystem. I helped deliver projects with a high level of complexity and requirement. On most of the projects, I was involved in the full lifecycle of the software, including functional workshops with the client, specifications writing and going all the way to the deployment and exploitation of the final product. Occasionally, I took part in the pre-sales process, helping to win some projects.

As a lead dev, my latest projects gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my teams. I also co-organized and spoke monthly at an internal micro-conference.

2014 - present

Conversational platform

Platform allowing the creation, administration and running of conversational agents (bots).

Created and took care of multiple chatbots and callbots for one of the largest French banks using state-of-the-art AI tooling. I worked closely with the client to refine and implement their functional needs.

NLP LLM ELK Kotlin/Spring Docker/Kubernetes Functional analysis
3 years

Mobile app backend

Worked as a lead developer / architect to bootstrap the backend APIs for a new white-label card management mobile app.

Kotlin/Spring Keycloak Docker/Kubernetes
6 months

Banking mobility intranet - Betaalvereniging (BVN)

Intranet allowing all major Dutch banks to manage their customers' automatic IBAN forwarding applications. Provide high performance API access to the data as well as daily file exports.

Collaborated with the client to design the intranet functionalities and implemented key backend features.

Kotlin/Spring Elastic NoSQL/Cassandra TS/Angular Docker/Kubernetes Functional analysis
2 years


Google home and Amazon Alexa voicebot for a major French bank. The bot allows the customers to quickly access their account and operation information.

Collaborated with the client to design the workflow and implemented the use cases.

Kotlin/Spring NLP Dialogflow Docker/Kubernetes Functional analysis
1 year

Certificate issuing Middleware

Certificate issuing system for digital signature of contracts between a bank and their customers.

Implemented a gateway between a legacy client software and our EJBCA-based certificate issuing solution. The gateway managed high-availability requirements and failover capabilities.

Java/Spring EJBCA
6 months

Email natural language processing

Deployment, administration and integration of a NLP-based email processing solution. The solution allows bank advisors to receive categorized, pre-processed emails, saving them time and effort.

Developed integrations with our secure messaging product, participated in functional workshops with clients, and implemented their requirements.

Java/Spring NLP Microservices Functional analysis
1 year

Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR)

French national deposit insurance fund. Intranet allowing banks to upload their customers' account info in case of bankruptcy and the FGDR to process the data and compensate the customers. Public website allowing customers to submit compensation info when their bank fails.

Took part in functional workshops with the client. Wrote functional and technical specs. Implemented many complex features, on the back and frontend. Implemented the Business Intelligence solution allowing the client to make decisions based on the compensation process progress. Worked on payment issuing and acknowledgement.

Java/Spring NoSQL/Cassandra Elastic Tapestry ETL JasperReports SEPA Functional analysis
3 years

Software engineer intern @ Worldline

Final year internship, working for the FGDR client.

2014 - 6 months

Software engineer intern @ Worldline

4th year internship. Front and back end development for the main Météo France website.

Java/Spring Liferay Elastic HTML/CSS/JQuery
2013 - 4 months



Master's Degree in Computer Science
2 years advanced math and physics classes

Baccalauréat in science

Specialization in engineering and mathematics



  • French: native
  • English: fluent (975 TOEIC)

Programming languages and tools

  • Functional analysis and software design
  • Object-oriented languages
  • Natural Language Processing / AI / LLM
  • SQL & NoSQL Databases
  • CI / CD
  • Index & Search engines
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • DevOps
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Web technologies


When not working, I spend a lot of time outdoors, mostly road or gravel cycling. Could be for a one-hour quick ride or a week-long trip, I'm always ready to go! I'm always up for trying new sports or finding ways to push myself.

If the weather is not on my side, my time inside is spent trying to self-host as many apps as possible or tinkering with the latest tech.